Fame Is Ruining Paris Hilton, Says ‘Friends’ Star Lisa Kudrow

Former ‘Friends’ star Lisa Kudrow recently said that fame is “ruining” Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

She said to Britain’s Daily Record newspaper: “It’s bad luck to be so successful that young. It’s a lot of power and it’s ruining them. It starts off where you express a whim, and the next thing you know, their trailer is filled with red M&Ms because someone is dying to please them.”

Quite on the contrary, Ms. Kudrow, fame is showing Paris Hilton’s hidden talents in music and acting. Oh well, we’re not supposed to say that.

Well, maybe fame is ruining Britney Spears because she clearly has problems and made wrong decisions in recent years. This is maybe because she doesn’t know how to handle it. Lindsay Lohan has an alcohol addiction problem, which is inherit, as far as we know.

Paris Hilton is doing OK, at the moment. No, fame is definitely not ruining her. Haters like Delgadillo and Sauer were ruining her because she did a few mistakes in the past and they left an open door for haters. Since Lisa Kudrow gets her information from the media, she doesn’t really know the latest about Paris, like we do, but she heard plenty about the jail time, like all average non-fans did. Anyway, it’s not so important anymore.

However, I agree with her. People think fame is everything, but sometimes, it can also get out of control if you can’t handle it.

Posted: December 22nd, 2007
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From: Dawn
Time: December 23, 2007, 10:57 am

Kudrow is jealous, that’s what’s eating her.
Paris is an international star and always will be, but who the hell is Kudrow now?
She needs to dis Paris to get into the news,like so many hasbeens and wannabees.

From: newbie
Time: December 23, 2007, 12:13 pm

I like paris, but jealous of what? The storage locker, the straight to dvd movies, crotch shots etc. Paris has had some success, but has also had numerous down moments. I guess by your reasoning though anyone who doesn’t like Paris is jealous Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna have all previously hated on Paris. I don’t think that jealousy was the reason.

From: admin
Time: December 23, 2007, 1:26 pm

Being born with lots of money, youthful beauty and massive attention are enough to make other celebrities jealous of her. We need to remember that she’s one of the most famous women on earth, that is at the moment.

However, in this case, I don’t think Lisa Kudrow is a hater or jealous of Paris. Not everyone who criticizes her is a hater or jealous, sometimes.

From: Anonymous
Time: December 23, 2007, 3:01 pm

Fame is inanimate- it can’t ruin anyone. What it can do is enhance or empower whatever you already were. I’m not sure what Lisa’s angle is but people who mention Paris seem to get in the news. A lot of people are jealous of Paris- if for nothing more than her fame and money. She’s making millions and developing her brands so she has had much more than “some” success. The most googled woman of 2006. You can’t argue the numbers. There is worldwide interest in her. Even if you gave a true fan percentage of 2-5% of G8 countries it would be enough to make Paris a very wealthy lady.

From: david
Time: December 23, 2007, 6:08 pm

Writing that fame is inanimate and can’t ruin anyone may be a bit too sly with words. Many inanimate things can harm someone. However, what Kudrow probably meant was that the inanimate object, in this case, fame, which might be considered more intangible than inanimate, and the pursuit, consequences and usage thereof, has caused the harm. Right or wrong, I think that’s clearly her point and she is probably referring to the immature behavior that Paris herself has mentioned. I would guess that would include a dui, crotch shots, etc. It certainly seems like Paris has acted more maturely and, occassionally, admirably since her jail stint, which is the best example that she had some issues (Kudrow’s point).

“Some” success is probably accurate. She has marketed some successful products and had some failed ones. She has managed to make some $$ doing it. So yes, Paris has achieved some success, $$$ and fame, However, I would not want to judge people based on money or fame. There’s always someone with more money and fame. Also, a lot of people value other objects/things more highly than fame and money. Are teachers, firefighters, nurses not successful without fame nor much fortune?

Regardless, a large part of her fame is infamy,sex tape, jail, etc. which is one reason she is so googled. (How many people googled her dui versus trying to find Pledge This release date in Fall 2006? Or, parisexposed vs. hottie set info?) I think Spears took the title this year and she’s a wreck who just had her worst performing album of all time. I’m not certain that’s a large measure of success.

Speaking of Google, lots of people make millions so that in and of itself, is not that spectacular. Most mid-level execs’ stock options at Google are worth more than what Paris has made. The Google founders are only about 7 years older than Paris and they can sit on the beach for the rest of there lives and it would take Paris about 200 lifetimes to equal the interest on their billions. She might only need about 20 lifetimes to equal the Facebook guy’s wealth, and he is actually younger than Paris. There’s also probably about 50 baseball players alone that make more than Paris. A very average centerfielder just signed for about $18 million/year, not counting endorsements. He’s not even the highest paid player on his team. Same with the NBA. More than a few actresses make $8 mm or more/film, meaning they’d only have to make 2/3 a year on their movies alone to equal or surpass Paris’ earnings. She’s done well, but if you judge her by $$$, than a whole heck of a lot of people can do the same to her and she won’t fare that well.

There’s a post in the forum regarding Renee Zellweger who doesn’t like Paris because she doesn’t feel that she has shown talent. That could be true depending on your point of view. Paris hasn’t had any entertainment successes ($$$) outside of the simple life. Her acting is clearly a work in progress though she’s working hard to get better. Hopefully, Repo will do well. (Hottie could be in trouble) Her album was heavily computer enhanced but still enjoyable. Yet, some people would say that she can’t act or sing, (she definitely can’t dance, very stiff with no rhythm) so that’s why they dislike her. Others find her overall persona entertaining and like her album, period. (I really haven’t met anyone yet that likes her movies, Pledge This or Bottoms Up) That doesn’t make either one right or wrong, but it doesn’t mean that the one who dislikes her is “jealous” Anyway, my overall point is that Paris has done well, but not everyone who hates on her is jealous, although some certainly are. I certainly doubt that Madonna or Pitt were jealous of her.

From: Anonymous
Time: December 23, 2007, 9:52 pm

David- Interesting narrative responding to my post instead of the news. I don’t agree of course. You have issues pal.

From: david
Time: December 23, 2007, 10:25 pm

It responds to both, which is similar to your post. You may have a couple of reading comprehension issues, if you fail to see my post as ignoring the Kudrow article. I actually even included phrases such as “(Kudrow’s point).” Note how the first post by Dawn also delves into the “jealousy issue.” (Actually every post in the thread does, including yours.) I also tried to help you with the use of “inanimate.” I thought I did it in a nice way. (Your post uses it in a poor contextual, and somewhat definitional, manner, but anyway . . .) “Intangible” is the more proper word.

Your post also responds to newbie’s post and to the article. You actually quote some of newbie’s post and rebutted/expanded some of newbie’s points. I did much the same, except substitute your post and Dawn’s for newbie’s.

If I have issues b/c I respond to a post, then you have the same issues.
Oh well.

From: Dawn
Time: December 24, 2007, 6:25 am

Of Course people are jealous of Paris.
So tell me why people like Witherspoon, Pitt, etc would be in a position do criticize anyone?

What do you think Wiherspoon is doing with her boyfriend that’s so different from Paris? Reese just hasn’t had her privacy invaded as much.

Same with Pitt, give me a break. He leaves his wife to be with a isexual woman who used have vials of blood around her neck.

From: Dawn
Time: December 24, 2007, 6:32 am

It’s just that people hide their jealousy behind a moralistic tone when it comes to Paris.
What’s funny is that the people who criticize the loudest are usually the ones with the most dirt in their own lives.

I don’t see what Paris has done that is so deplorable.
It just took her a while to mature,like so many of us.

From: juju
Time: December 27, 2007, 9:33 pm


i completely agree. lis kudrow is just another has-been star who doesn’t know paris, but is getting herself in the media by criticizing paris. just like the valerie bertenelli criticizing britney fro her own attention. Liek the internet, cell phones and digital photogrpahy even exisited 20-30 years ago when these two were 16-26 years old.

Like I said before, if you plotted a timeline of big advnces in technology in the past ten years and overlaid it with paris’ life between the ages of 16 and 26, you would readily see why paris has been so exploited. Wth her famous last name and larger than life 0for a girl) persona, she came of age a complete revolution of telecoms and digital media explosion that has been unregulated and controled only by how it could be exploited and sold.