Fans Celebrate Paris Hilton’s “Freedom”

As the world waits breathlessly for Paris Hilton’s big return from her twenty-three three day stay at the Lynwood Hilton, a few of the heiress’ allies are already turning out in a big show of support. One of our photographers, for instance, happened to notice Janice Dickinson waving to him at an intersection just a few minutes ago – as soon as the world’s first supermodel successfully flagged him down, she started jubilantly screaming about Paris’ newly-secured freedom. But Janice’s show of support didn’t hold a candle to the proprietor of Mrs. Beasley’s Cupcakes, who thoughtfully sent up a big batch of their signature confections to their favorite client. Unfortunately, their gift was turned away by Paris’ handlers – but it’s still a sweet gesture!

But if you really want to meet someone happy to see Paris set free, check out this email we got from Paris superfan Joshua D.S. Morales, author of the first petition calling for clemency for the heiress:

I would like to take this opportunity to officially welcome Paris Hilton back to society and tell her that all her fans and supporters are relieved and ecstatic that she is out. She has served her time for her mistake. This is a wonderful day in our country’s great history and I am happy to be a part of it. The petition that I created, although seemingly unsuccessful, collected over 30,000 signatures and shows that Ms. Hilton has the love and support of fans worldwide. Welcome back, Paris. We missed you!

-Joshua D.S. Morales

How’s that for happiness?

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Posted: June 7th, 2007
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