Fila Korea Will Temporarily Suspend Paris Hilton’s Ads

Paris Hilton will temporarily disappear from advertisements for a South Korean sportswear firm while she is serving a jail sentence, the company said Friday.

The multi-millionaire celebrity and heiress to the Hilton hotel empire was given a 45-day prison term in the United States earlier this month for continuing to drive despite having her licence suspended.

She is likely to be released after 23 days if she behaves while behind bars.

“We knew she is rather free-spirited but we never imagined she would go to prison for her behaviour,” Fila Korea marketing director Min Se-Joung told AFP.

“As of today, we stopped all kinds of ads including TV commercials and print ads in which Paris appears,” he said, adding it was hard to tell when the company would resume the advertising.

Fila Korea in late December signed a one-year contract with Hilton which is reportedly worth one million dollars.

Min said that despite the latest case his company was “satisfied” with Hilton’s contribution to enhancing popularity of the brand, especially among young consumers.

“Almost all the products that were worn by her in ads have been sold out,” he said.

Posted: June 1st, 2007
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