Fred Khalilian, Owner of Club Paris, Whines about Paris again / Paris Getting Sued?

Well, it is no surprise and we expected him to make another negative comment about Paris. It’ll definitely not be the last one. He will use her now as much as he can.

It seems that Fred doesn’t understand that Paris is moving on bigger projects now, and that she doesn’t have time for him. It’s really a problematic situation that both of them have been in for while, but he did fire her.

In another news, model-producer Zeta Graff still wants to sue Paris for 10 million dollars damages over a fake story. We thought this issue was already solved and Paris and her made peace. And now they’re asking a videotape from Fred. Well, read the rest of the news yourself, but don’t expect much. It comes from a very unreliable source.

Washington: Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been sued by model-producer Zeta Graff for slander.

Fred Khalilian, the owner of Club Paris, has revealed that he has been asked by the court to give a videotaped deposition in the case.

Hilton is due in court on February 5, where the 10-million dollars lawsuit has been filed against her.

The club had reportedly told the press that Graff attacked Paris at a “London nightclub and tried to rip off Hilton’s $4 million necklace.”

Graff however, is insisting that the whole story has been fabricated.

“I was served to give a deposition concerning the Zeta Graff, Paris Hilton Case. I am really not playing a role in this. I guess this about one person who has a problem with another person and they are going to ask me about certain things and I am just going to go up there and tell the truth and nothing but the truth,” quoted Khalilian as saying.

He had criticized Hilton for her selfish character last week also.

“The problem is when she is done with you, she chews you and spits you out. When she is done with you’re out. The people around her get so star struck because she is so powerful presentation wise,” he said. (ANI)


Posted: January 17th, 2007
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