George Clooney Did Not Slam Paris Hilton

Well, of course, I hope no one believed the report that George Clooney is talking about. I knew when I first read it that it was made-up, and it was super-obvious, so I did not post it here. Again, there are many other news reports invented by writers and spread everywhere to make Paris look bad. Some are even reported in the media. The dropping of Paris by Warner Music is a good example. The claim that Rick Hilton is planning to throw a “out of prison party,” which was released today by Page Six, is probably another, although I still haven’t thoroughly looked into it, but I’m sure that it is slightly twisted to make Mr. Hilton look bad as usual.

All of the lemming websites are now reporting these false reports and won’t bother correcting George Clooney’s article.

And now this particular writer is in trouble. Wonderful!

George Clooney did NOT slam Paris Hilton after the socialite was sent back to prison last week — and he’s pissed at the people who said he did!

Several media outlets picked up quotes attributed to the “Ocean’s 13” star, saying, “You can only get so far without any discernible talent. Then you either work or use cheap publicity tricks to keep the public’s attention … Then you are in no position to complain if, like Paris, you are on the receiving end of bad publicity.”

Clooney’s rep sent KP International, which disseminated the quote, a letter demanding an immediate retraction and an apology. Not only that, Clooney wants the source of the story to be named.

Get ’em George!


Posted: June 12th, 2007
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