Graphologist Jean Harmey: Paris Hilton Has A Lot Of Creativity

Imprisoned heiress Paris Hilton has been described as illogical, needy and attention-seeking by a handwriting expert who analysed a letter the Simple Life starlet wrote to a fan from prison.

The thank-you note was written on unlined white paper in what looks like a laboured hand. Hilton’s courtesy was on show to the world after the recipient released the letter on the internet earlier this week.

Graphologist Jean Harmey says the letter reveals a controlling streak behind the prominent party girl’s public persona, and that Paris also has “a lot of creativity in her character that she’s probably not aware of”.

“She has very little logic but very strong intuition, and she depends on that a lot to make herself clear,” Ms Harmey said.

“There’s a great need to be noticed, which comes through in her signature, and she needs to be in complete control.

“She’s actually very selective of her friends, but surrounds herself with acquaintances to feed her need for attention.”

In the letter, Paris thanks the recipient for her “kind words of love and support” and describes the time since she was sentenced as “difficult and scary” before vowing to make the best of her situation.

Notable features include short sentences, variations between writing the letter R in upper-case and lower-case within words and a flowing signature — complete with hearts — beneath a crudely printed text.


I’m not sure how correct this article is.

Posted: June 21st, 2007
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