Grinning Media Reporters Agree: Paris Hilton Was Used For Harsh Sentence

Paris Hilton Tricked?

Paris Hilton and family didn’t expect the worse case scenario.

Now let’s look at how the tyrant media is treating the news.

Apparently, there were many other options the judge could’ve given her without having to go to jail. That’s what Paris, her lawyer and her parents were expecting. This judge, however, decided to use Paris Hilton’s fame and status to show other celebrities that you can’t disobey the law. Her lawyer was right, according to the media. It was deliberate.

Paris was clearly used on purpose because the judge could’ve given her a less harsh punishment.

I think if her lawyer could come up with something in order to prevent her from going to jail.

So I’ve been sampling the news… Almost every commentator has a grin on his or her face. Some of them are even laughing on camera, and talk in a happy way.

It’s the same old story. They call her partygirl and heiress, and not singer, actress or anything related to work. There’s no balance between these words.

But they all agree that the verdict was too harsh. And this won’t change her celebrity status. Hopefully, the appeal will work. I’m sure her lawyer is going to come up with something smart…

Here are couple of videos. I might post more later on.

Witness who was sitting next to Paris and her parents.

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Wow! What a woman!

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Posted: May 5th, 2007
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