Happy Birthday, Sweet Princess

By Joe (aka. enbis78)

Twenty eight years ago today,
February seventeen,
Was possibly the greatest day
The world has ever seen.

For on that day your life began,
Oh goddess that I adore,
And to love you as your loyal fan
Is what my life is for.

Today's a day to celebrate
An Icon and a Star.
You know your fans appreciate
How wonderful you are.

Born special, born an heiress,
You had a dream to act and sing.
And with your drive and talent, Paris,
You really can do anything!

On your birthday you can think with pride
On all that you've achieved.
My love for you can't be denied -
In Paris I believe!

So beautiful and glamorous,
Someone to look up to.
An inspiration to all of us,
We'd love to be like you.

And thank you, Paris, for all you bring
To your fans loyal and true:
Your films, songs, products - everything
That lets us feel close to you!

So Happy Birthday, Sweet Princess,
Enjoy your special day!
I wish you happiness and sucess
In each and every way!