Haters See No Reason For Paris To Sue Hallmark

Almost anything that comes out from a hater’s mouth can’t be taken seriously. Here’s another proof. Here’s proof that haters are not fair and don’t base their judgments on facts.

I love these little polls conducted by TMZ and other websites. It shows the true nature of haters.

You heard about the lawsuit, right? No doubt, it was massively reported by the media mostly because it is Paris Hilton suing someone else.

Later in the day, TMZ put a poll on their website: Should Hallmark get nailed sued?

Now guess what? Because it is Paris Hilton suing Hallmark, 71% of TMZ’ visitors voted No. Paris Hilton haters make up about 85% of TMZ’ visitors.

I’ll now make a real assumption. 65% of the haters who voted no only did it because they hate her (hardcore ones), not because they examined the facts and said there’s no need of a lawsuit. 5% of the haters probably were a bit more intelligent and found more or less good reasons as to why she shouldn’t sue the company. Hey, I’m being generous.

10% of the voters who voted yes are hardcore fans who will always stand with Paris. 18% of the yes voters are either softcore fans (people who don’t feel resentment) or yes, softcore haters.

Now I’ll show how the people on each side think:

A softcore hater

“I don’t usually side with Paris, but if the greeting card company really did fail to get her permission then I think she SHOULD sue and then give the money to charity.” (by kzdiver)

A hardcore hater giving a puffed up excuse

“Unbelievable. She definitely needs to get a grip. She is a fricking idiot. too bad she is not smart enough to get any kind of job. Her family should take all of her money away so she can see what real people live like.” (by Barb)

A hardcore fan giving an informative fact

“Paris trademarked the phrase… “that’s hot”… She has legal grounds to sue anyone who uses the phrase or her image without express written permission… it is a matter of record…” (by BABS)

I’m not sure if BABS’ comments are 100% correct, but at least, he or she knows that “That’s hot” is a trademark. Though I think they didn’t have the right to use “That’s hot” because they drew a picture of Paris saying it.

Quotes are from TMZ.com

Posted: September 7th, 2007
Comments: 4


From: Dawn
Time: September 7, 2007, 7:29 pm

I am truly appalled at the unfairness of these low-lives. God help our country.

Also keep in mind that Paris gets targeted by religious groups, some of the hateful comments are not written by regular people but by a few religious fanatics.

From: Django
Time: September 8, 2007, 2:12 am

Funny you should say that Dawn. I couldn’t help noticing that to me it seems like atheists and Paris are the two groups that seem to recieve the most inhuman hateful bile from horrible people, so the two things are kind of linked in my mind as I despise their attackers.

Those hardcore haters are beyond help! What right would Paris’s family have to take away the money she’s earned herself (from all the jobs that she apparently doesn’t have *headdesk*). I don’t like Paris haters, but I bet they wouldn’t think being hated is a good enough reason for them to lose all their money, rights or priviliges. They have the mentality of reality free toddlers.

From: enbis78
Time: September 8, 2007, 6:57 am

Couldn’t agree more. These people are utter morons. Everything they say about her inevitably, sadly and predictably comes down to money in the end. It’s all they talk about, the be all and end all. And then they have the nerve to deny charges of jealousy!

The comparison with religious fanatics is an interesting one (and particularly ironic considering Paris is a Christian, and talked about how her faith helped her through her jail ordeal). In both cases, it’s an example of blind prejudice and self-deception based on no logical or rational thought process. And these people like to claim that us Paris fans are stupid and/or deluded. Take a look in the mirror, people…

From: Jen
Time: September 10, 2007, 9:42 am

“That’s Hot” was trademarked by Paris in February. Paris Hilton herself is also trademarked.

This is a slam-dunk case which Paris should win. Hallmark had no business using her photo and her tm’ed sentence together without her permission.