Hilton cell phone numbers posted on internet

Paris Hilton is finding more than her body exposed on the Internet after computer hackers posted phone numbers online that had been stored in her cell phone.The New York Daily News reported Monday that it was unclear how the numbers got posted on the Internet, but the incident happened just days after a 22-year-old man pleaded guilty to breaking into a cell phone company’s protected computer and gaining access to records for millions of customers.

Some of Hilton’s friends were besieged with calls.

“I got 100 calls in two hours,” Victoria Gotti told the newspaper. “I didn’t want to take the phones off the hook because my oldest son was out on a date.”

Gotti, who appears in her own reality television show, says she disconnected the phone for a few hours – only to find it ringing nonstop when she reconnected it.

“It’s driving me insane,” Gotti said.

A telephone message left Monday by The Associated Press with Hilton’s publicist was not immediately returned.

Hilton, a hotel chain heiress whose sex tape with an ex-boyfriend became a cyberspace novelty, stars on the Fox TV reality show “The Simple Life” with Nicole Richie, daughter of R&B singer Lionel Richie.

Posted: February 21st, 2005
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