How Paris Hilton got arrested

Believe it or not, today’s events turned out to be the most popular story on, according to CNN’s NewsPulse, even surpassing the story about the popular political rally held by talk show host Glenn Beck most of the time.

In the afternoon, a press conference was issued by the Las Vegas Metro Police, and Sgt. John Sheahan had this to say: “While waiting in police custody, she extracted a tube of lip balm from her purse. At that time a plastic packet of a substance believed to be cocaine fell from her purse, directly in view of Metro officers.”

For more information, watch this news coverage below.

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Earlier, a source told (which is not necessarily always a reliable news site): “The search of Paris and arrest was all captured on tape, which could help her tremendously. Her lawyer David Chesnoff is going to claim it was an illegal search, in part because she was taken away from the scene to this other location. Chesnoff will also be able to take apart every single thing that happened during the search and arrest because he’ll have the video to work off of. Furthermore, Paris repeatedly said while she was being detained that the purse wasn’t hers. Chesnoff is going to get the tape and use it to bolster his contention that the search was illegal.”

Also, the woman who interviewed Paris hours before she got arrested for alleged drug possession had to this say: “She was fantastic! Very agreeable, very warm. She was very candid. When the limo took her back to Waits’, she was asked if she wanted the limo to wait for her. But Hilton said, ‘No, my boyfriend will be driving us tonight. I am wishing she had taken the limo.”

Las Vegas journalist Robin Leach reported that Michael Boychuck, who has worked for Paris for 18 years, said: “She just doesn't get involved with that kind of stuff. It's totally out of character if you know her as well as I do. She's already said it wasn't hers, and that's good enough for me. Stars get their things stolen from them when they're mobbed in crowds. You have no idea what they get subjected to and how many things vanish and get swapped out for their own items when fans do crazy things to get souvenirs or cause problems out of jealousy.”

“If you'd spent the time with her that we all did yesterday evening in my salon, you would realize there's no way she's using drugs or drinking. Paris is completely healthy and well and very happy. She doesn't need anything else!” he added.

Posted: August 28th, 2010
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From: admin
Time: August 28, 2010, 9:52 pm

Even if it belonged to her or not, this got me thinking. Why do people use drugs, really? I mean I know in the past, the media used to promote drugs and encouraged people to used them.

I know people will do things even if they know it’s bad for them, like smoking a cig, but why would you do that if you know it will get you in trouble, not just with the police, but with your well belong? Drugs rob your dignity. It doesn’t just give you pleasure, it degrades you and destroys you mentally and physically. Why bother?

Anyway, I really don’t think Paris has a drug problem, but I don’t like living in a society where young people think smoking or doing drugs is fun. And screw the unlikeable media people who grin and always wish more trouble for Paris!

From: Dawn
Time: August 29, 2010, 12:00 am

I don’t think Paris has a drug problem either.

Her lawyer said the amount of coke was negligible, whether it was her own purse or not.

My thinking is if she’d known coke was in the purse she probably would not have opened it.
It’s possible the small amount was hidden in a fold. But who knows.

From: Doreen
Time: August 29, 2010, 8:26 am

paris says she doesn’t do this kind of stuff …I dont’ believe it anymore, it happened more than once.

She isn’t a good model anymore more for me…sorry, I know we are living in 2010 and stuff like this happens alot bla bla but why she lies? and say she never did anything like this?????

sorry I’m going to move over paris hilton!!! fan no more!

From: Nicky
Time: August 29, 2010, 8:40 am

I know Paris is a smoker and I also belif she tried weed in her past (or maybe still do it) but I don’t belive that she do coke. I guess it wasn’t hers, maybe of a friend?!

From: T.K.
Time: August 29, 2010, 10:39 am

I don’t doubt that she does drugs. I mean she’s rich and famous, she has easy acess to drugs and probably does them when she is bored.
But I mean, she could at least be smart enough to do it in her own house.

From: scot
Time: August 29, 2010, 5:10 pm

I honestly only think she puffs a bit of the green, I don’t think she has ever been a hard drug user. Even when Lindsay Lohan’s old body guard started blabbing about Lindsay and Nicole’s crazy coke binges, he said, in regards to Paris all he ever saw was her “get drunk and strip”. I’m pretty sure Courtney Love has also said something about cocaine and Paris, that she did have it at one of her parties but Paris wasn’t a user.

As to why would she use it ~IF~ she did? She’s constantly on the go and a tiny bit here and there would be the perfect pick-me-up. It’s why coke is a party drug, you don’t use it to stop stressing and to relax like marijuana, you use it to ‘wake up’. (eg. You’ve just flown over seas and you now have to host a party). She probably gets stressed the eff out with everything going on in her life and don’t forget, she’d probably still be a bit shaken about the whole man at her house with two knives thing. I doubt that man was showing up to give her flowers, he showed up at her home with two big-ass knives, would you get over that in a couple of days if that happened to you and not be constantly thinking about what could’ve happened?

I think this Vegas trip (despite the fact she’s been going there quite frequently lately) was to get away, have a good time. I do think she would’ve been smoking along with her boyfriend. I don’t think the coke was hers, she wouldn’t be stupid enough to go rustling through it if the police were right there.

This story is going to damage her attempt to rebuild her imagine. On the news here last night they showed clips of her interview with Larry King when she said she was going to do “this, this and this” and then followed with the reporter saying “well, I guess she changed her mind”. I have faith in Paris and despite being a little dissapointed at first, she’s not a coke-fiend, I’m not going to shun her even if the cocaine was actually hers. She lives in a world none of us have ever experienced and that constant, overly harsh attention would get to you. Whether it was hers or not – it was only a small amount. It’s not like she’s set a bunch of orphans on fire. Get some perspective.

I’m more annoyed at the fact that we still haven’t got this damn second album!

From: admin
Time: August 29, 2010, 8:31 pm

But I don’t think it’s ok to take drugs here and there just to wake you up or whatever. Not only because it’s illegal, but mainly because it’s bad for you. Drugs like cocaine don’t help people, it will harm you in the end.

I guess I’m revolting against today’s culture. Drugs, drinking and partying… Aside partying innocently, drugs and being drunk are harmful, especially drugs.

It’s just foolishness… Here you had Cy Waits, a guy who is successful and owns Vegas nightclubs. Then what happens? He DUI and puts people’s life in danger. It’s stupid and immature.

I don’t know if the cocaine belonged to her. I definitely don’t think she’s an addict as the media would LIKE her to be. But just stay away from these things and be careful of people you hang out with!

From: Doreen
Time: August 29, 2010, 11:27 pm

drugs are bad really bad. no it’s not ok to take drugs here and there. and this is paris hilton of course the media is going to make it big. it’s ok to party but not to drink and drive and do drugs!!!!!!!!

From: Cece
Time: August 30, 2010, 2:12 am

Im guessing no one watched the parisexposed video of her saying how she was excited to get “coked up” on a yacht……. she definitly does coke. No doubt about it. And since when does Paris want to trade bags with a friend because her bag is cuter….Paris never has an ugly bag on her, and i dont even think her “friend” was even present when she was arrested which is a little odd. Also, i have traded purses multiple times with friends…and I think everyone can agree that when you put your things in someone elses purse after trading…you would notice a bag of coke. Shes doing what Lindsay Lohan did….”the jeans werent mine” but in Paris’ case its a purse. She just needs to fess up and take responsibility.

From: admin
Time: August 30, 2010, 11:28 am


Those PE videos were filmed long time ago before she became famous. People do change. Since then, there hasn’t been any proof that she’s into drugs.

From: Doreen
Time: August 30, 2010, 11:37 am

come on a friend’s purse???? haa. paris needs to admit this. no body is perfect maybe she can learn from her mistake!

From: thewaymouth
Time: September 3, 2010, 12:08 pm

BTW, Lindsay eventually had all cocaine charges dropped — and no one else was charged in her stead — so looks like she was right to say what she did.

Re: ‘She just needs to fess up and take responsibility.’

Are you her parent?

Paris has to confess to the world? I say, hell no. We have no right to judge her. She did not hurt anyone.

She doesn’t owe us a thing. I say, deny everything.

If the cocaine is truly hers, and she chooses to say so in court because it’s in her best interest, fine.

I am personally against most of the drug laws on the books. One needs to respect them but one does not have to bow and scrape before imperfect cops that administer bad laws, or the greedy public that wants their pounds of flesh.

Now if Paris is saying the purse belongs to someone else, and naming a name, and that is not the truth, then she is hurting someone. And that is wrong.

But for all I know she is telling the truth. For all you know, it is the same. You can guess all you want, but you don’t know.

People can think and say what they want. And so can I.

You can make a case against anything. Religion is the opiate of the masses. Since the beginning of time, people have been killing each other ‘in the name of.’

We went to war over a lie and over a million citizens were killed. It’s OK at 18 to kill and be killed or have your brain destroyed in an unjust war, but someone cannot do drugs?

If the guy Paris was with was indeed smoking pot while driving, that was perhaps not the smartest decision. But still, she cannot be charged for that.

If this guy is her BF, then he should have more respect for her than to do that. But then again, his wild behavior may be what attracts Paris to him. Chicks dig ‘bad boys.’

What were her prior criminal charges? DUI. This time Paris was not driving. Therefore she was not endangering anyone’s life.

I don’t give a flying freak is she chooses to do drugs, or drink. It’s her life. If she breaks the law and gets caught, she pays a price. But that she no longer drives while doing these things, that’s a step forward. If she is not endangering other people’s lives, what she does with her own life, is her own damn business.

My wish after her last prison sentence, was she not get sent back. Mainly that she not drive while intoxicated.

As far as possession of cocaine or pot — I think they should both be legal. So I have no qualms. Alcohol, cigarettes and prescription meds are the three biggest substance killers, but they are legal. So they’re OK. That is BS.

To me, yes you have to be aware of what the arbitrary laws are in the place you live. But whether you choose to obey such BS laws, is your choice. I freaking admire Paris partly because she is a rebel.

If there were no drugs, than we can throw out just about all of the rock n roll that has ever been made. Let’s chuck the best of The Beatles, The Stones, Dylan, Zep, The Dead, on down line. I am not willing to do that.

Drugs are not inherently good or bad.

Anyway, that’s MHO.