Is DJ Sash Producing Paris Hilton’s New Single And Album? Investigates

This rumour has been spreading around the internet for weeks now, and therefore, we received a couple of emails from fans. Finally, decided to investigate it.

It’s always important to have evidence if someone wants to report something or else, won’t post it. In this case, we didn’t until one fan woke us up and made us notice something. That fan’s name is Richard J. Amtmann III.

Someone at Wikipedia reported that Paris Hilton’s first single will be produced by DJ Sash, a high talented and well known music producer. I’ve personally never heard of him. Of course, Wikipedia is not a reliable source, so we needed evidence to post it.

If you visit Sash’s official website (, you won’t find any news about this. But if you go on their forum (, you will find a popular topic about it. There many Sash fans out there. Some of them welcomed the news and others just found it terrible that talented Sash is going to collaborate with “untalented” Paris Hilton. Usually we call these people “bigots,” but they really aren’t, because those who find this rumour terrible are the same ones who’ve never heard Paris’ album or still think she’s a spoiled brat. They’re just clueless and assume, basically.

But I’ll guarantee you, throw Paris and any highly-talented producer in a studio together, and within days, something amazing will pop up. This is especially the case when Paris and Scott Storch work together.

Now here’s nothing, but the truth – no rumours. It’s true Paris Hilton’s staff has approached Sash and asked him to produce the first single and part of her second album or all of it, but he has yet to agree to it. Sash has an ezine, a sort of monthly magazine, and in it, they report what I just said. You can find this magazine on this website

So at this time, we’re still waiting for Sash’s approval or disapproval, and that’s the latest.

Posted: August 31st, 2007
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Time: September 1, 2007, 2:15 pm

Well, look my friend! Calling a person “untalented” and calling a person “bigots” are not same! be shame for this! Now they r partner in the music and of course all SASH! fans want be Paris HILTON in #1s! Be sure that she will be in the number ones, and enter the most of charts… U will see! And for the last… you should apologize to us…

YUSUFTAMER the maddest SASH! fan from Istanbul /TURKIYE

From: admin
Time: September 1, 2007, 3:44 pm

There exists Paris Hilton bigots, Kathy Griffin is one of them. She knows who Paris really is, but refuses to accept it.

As you can see, I refused to call some of these negative Sash fans “bigots” because I’m pretty sure that 95% of them don’t really know Paris and her real talents. Everything they’ve learned comes from the media and public. Probably a very small amount of them might turn out to be bigots like Kathy if they really knew her because most of them (and some Paris fans) aren’t into fashion, beauty and celebrities.

From: Agrippa
Time: September 2, 2007, 2:29 am

I’m a big SASH! fan from Ukraine and I was really surprised when I heard that he’ll probably be producing Paris Hilton. First I thought it was a fake, but since SASH! himself confirmed it in a newsletter, it has a chance to come true.
Of course there are different opinions about whether it’s a good idea, but, you know, I’ve been listening SASH! music for over 8 years. And SASH! never disappointed me. Of course today he’s not so popular as 7 years ago but his music speaks for itself.
Paris Hilton and SASH! seem to be persons from different worlds and their fans probably too. For many SASH! fans it’s not easy to accept such a collaboration. People have their own oppinions and prejudices and we should understand it and be tolerant to each other.
If SASH! agrees to produce Paris Hilton new single, we’ll be on the same side.
So let’s wait and see.

From: enbis78
Time: September 2, 2007, 8:20 am

I guess we can expect much more of a dance flavour on Paris’ new stuff, if this is true. Could work really well, though, Sash is a talented guy and I’m sure this collaboration could be great for both artists.

From: Mat
Time: September 2, 2007, 4:04 pm

That’s maybe the reaso why she’s going to Germany