Isn't Paris Hilton

By Ilaria (aka. Paris89Hilton)

It was a good day
When Paris arrived in L.A.,
Not the city, by the way,
But a cute and sweet girl
With her nice chihuahua Tinkerbell.
"What the hell?"
Someone said
"Why (does) that girl wear a crown
And her dog have a swarosky bone?"
There is no problem, any way
She’s that girl who dead in May
In that film full of wax
And then she posed on Max!
But also...
is not that girl with a strange pink truck
And always caught by flash?
"Oh, yes! She was in that show
With her silly best friend Nicole!"
However, when the night is going to arrive
She prefers to stop going to buy
But she enjoys herself on clubs
Or lies on a smooth armchair.
But all over Hollywood
Other thing she finds to do:
For example lying under the sun
Tanning and swimming are much fun!!!
Partying, fashion and little dogs
She's right to always say: "That's Hot!"