Kaitlin Cassidy talks about Paris Hilton and My BFF 2

Q: There are tons of reality shows out there. Why this one?

A: This opportunity sort of fell in my lap. Not to mention it’s Paris Hilton. No matter whether you hate her or love her, you can’t deny that she is one the most successful women in Hollywood. I respect her business sense. I always knew she wasn’t like the media makes her out to be. A lot of people in Hollywood are inaccurately portrayed by the media.

Q: Oh, OK, so you can help me and my editor settle a bet. She theorizes Paris really is smart and funny, and that the dumb, naive girl is an act. Is she on to something?

A: (Paris) does put on sort of a persona for TV, but that’s what people buy into, and that’s what works. She’s really funny and down to earth when the cameras are off. Everyone is a little bit different on TV. No one is going to go on TV and start farting.

Q: You got little camera time, but you were up for discussion (Hilton’s word for elimination) the last three weeks. What finally did you in?

A: I got eliminated because she was unsure that I was not fake and not honest, but I think I lost all my energy. I had no enthusiasm left. That whole day, I was miserable. I just didn’t feel like being there anymore, and maybe they sensed that. I got boring that day. There is only so much time you can be away from your real life.

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Posted: July 3rd, 2009
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