Kathy Hilton: “It’s Tough”

Kathy Hilton was visibly upset after visiting her daughter yesterday, whose condition, as we xclusively reported, has apparently gotten worse. When we asked her how Paris was doing, she took a deep breath before answering “it’s tough”. Her parents’ visit must have been a bright spot in Paris’ week, though, Kathy described her daughter as being very happy to see her, putting her hands up on the glass that separated her from her mom as they talked.

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Posted: June 13th, 2007
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From: Dave
Time: June 13, 2007, 8:43 pm

After seeing Paris’s aunt speak on tv yesterday on her behalf I don’t think Paris Hilton should have been labeled a “criminal” and jailed for a misdemeanor.

They wouldn’t jail or house arrest (shackel) Elvis.

I guess the seniors from wealthy schools don’t tour city jails like other high schools kids are required to do (or did). Now her parents have for her.

Hope this tough ordeal on Paris and her family… doesn’t open the door (jail doors) for more kids (poor).

I’m glad Paris found “God” and hope its the right one (Yahwah/Jehovah of Israel; father of Jesus of Nazareth).