Kelly Osbourne Poisoned By Paris Hilton

A new negative story was published this morning. I think it was written by New York Daily News, one of the famous fake sites.

It was reported that Kelly Osbourne had her first alcohol poisoning and told her friends at Las Vegas nightclub Noir last week: “Paris gave me my first alcohol poisoning!” According to New York Daily News, Paris was heard replying: “I did?! That’s hot!”

Now before you get angry at Kelly Osbourne, know there’s a strong possibly that Kelly never actually said that quote. Second, it is mostly like invented by one of the fake sites. I’m sure it’s New York Daily News, but I’m not going to waste time researching about it, unless if more attention is brought to it.

Anyway, I instantly knew it was fake, because they quoted Paris saying “That’s hot!” And they do that a lot to make her look dumb. I know that doesn’t make sense, but just the way they’ve quoted her, you get the sense of fakeness.

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Posted: January 7th, 2008
Comments: 4


From: Trevor
Time: January 7, 2008, 8:00 pm

LMAO looks sooo fake. And I love Kelly Osbourne

From: kevin
Time: January 7, 2008, 8:23 pm

OMG, Paris new is so freaking boring… Ughh give us something new Paris!

From: Dawn
Time: January 9, 2008, 5:40 pm

Love the Osbournes. But we all saw Kelly coming home drunk and puking into the toilet on their show, while Sharon was laughing her ass off.
Really, the Osbournes should be the last family to preach morality or condemn anyone. LOL.

From: juju
Time: January 10, 2008, 1:29 am

i reallly think this is fake, i mean come on. we all saw kelly regularly wasted on her show when she was quite young. Kudos to her and her family though for never pretending to be something they are not. another reason this sounds fake. The Osbournes have been very open adnhonest about their problems so i don’t think they would judge or try and pass the blame…