Leaking of Paris Hilton’s private pictures and videos have began

It is now confirmed. People all over the world are having access to ParisExposed.com‘s private content. There’s a huge remarkable increase of “Paris Hilton” searches on the internet. The term “Paris Exposed” has already been popularized.

There’s no word yet from Paris Hilton or her publicist, Elliot since yesturday. This must be a very difficult time for her. In fact, there haven’t been any other news about her all day.

However, we’re happy report that the media hasn’t been making a huge circus out of this despite all of what you have seen. CNN hasn’t posted their headline of the story on their homepage, but unfortunetaly, the word is spearding very fast, and the leaking has just began.

No serious or shocking statment from Paris in the leaked videos have been heard so far.

Paris’ fans should stay strong, and bare with her if you can because it’s likely that we’ll enter in another phase of embarssment depending on how intense this gets.

Stay tuned. 

Posted: January 24th, 2007
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From: Trevor
Time: April 6, 2007, 4:37 pm

That is good that it isn’t huge NOW…but be warned that this will be big by tomorrow. I bet that Good Morning America and the Today show both will have segments on this, unfortunately.

Also, here’s a tip:


As fans of Paris, we have the ability to greatly slow down the attention the media gives her. The less we talk about it, the less huge it will be.

From: banlieuparis
Time: April 6, 2007, 4:37 pm

buy the stuff back and shut the page down!

From: Andrew
Time: April 6, 2007, 4:37 pm

I agree…this is an absolute horrible thing to do. Who are they to disturb and expose her privacy? It’s just sad that we have these sort of people in this world.

I guess a good way to look at this is to find out who Paris’ true and loyal fans are. Those who dump her because of this were not loyal fans and are better off admiring someone else.

This will change nothing in my book. For christ sakes this is her PAST.