Lies, Lies And Lies!

If a lie is repeated 1000 times more than the single truth, people will believe the lie. If the lie is repeated in 1000 articles, people will think it’s the truth, especially if it is professionally written, which always is.

If you’ve been visiting other websites that mention that Paris Hilton is going to record another album, you will notice false facts.

The people who wrote these reports DID NOT deliberately lie, but they did receive their lie from one source. The one source that caused to spread lies about Paris’ music career is: This is the website which reported a month ago that Paris was dropped by Warner Music. Who wrote the article? We will never know.

Look at this professionally written statement, and see how easily it can fool you.

“We are not expecting any new Paris Hilton material in the foreseeable future.”

Then, after Paris was released from jail, Access Hollywood did some investigation and was told by Warner Music that Paris Hilton was not dropped. Access Hollywood also repeated this on July 16 in a news article:

Despite reports that Hilton had been dropped by her label, Warner Brothers confirmed to Access Hollywood last month that the socialite is still on their books.

I’m sure that some of you still can’t believe it because the lie was reported by so many websites. And AH’s investigation was only reported by ONE website: A negative article will always gain more attention.

And now many websites believe Warner Music won’t be promoting her second album. I mean how can they promote it if she was dropped? It just doesn’t make sense! It can’t be that maybe she wasn’t dropped! There are 1000 articles about it on the internet:

“Paris” was released in collaboration with Warner Bros and Hilton’s own label, Heiress Records. Warner Bros stated it would not be part of the new album release due to past sales.

Another lie which is always mentioned is that Paris Hilton only sold 77 000 copies of her debut album. This is not a lie, but a misunderstanding. This came from Page Six who reported that Paris only sold 77 000 copies in one week and that this shows that her album flopped. Most entertainment writers reported this, and it seems that it has been burned inside their brain. Since no major entertainment site like Page Six decided to update us on her album sales, many writers still believe that till this day, it only sold 77 000 copies, when in fact it sold more than 600 000 copies. Big difference!

Despite being dropped from Warner Brothers after selling only a dismal 77,000 copies of “Paris” she is going to try her hand at the recording studio once more.

And finally, again, haters don’t understand what Paris meant when she said she wanted to change. They don’t understand that it meant working harder on her career and her goals. Actually, if you look at the number of projects Paris is working at the moment, it is quite impressive. I say that she is finally back on track and understands what is important and what is not, but it remains to be seen if she has completely changed. Oh yes, we haven’t forgotten about her charity plans. is keeping a close eye on this.

Remember all those promises of personal growth and maturity Paris Hilton made when she got out of jail? Apparently she’s not ready to grow out of her misguided attempts to be a pop star.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article! 😉

Posted: July 19th, 2007
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From: thewaymouth
Time: July 22, 2007, 3:25 pm

Excellent reporting. I appreciate the article & your investigative work.

Truth is beauty. The beautiful Paris can expect the lies to follow her forever. The truth will come out as well. All depends what people think of her as far as what they want to believe. All depends on just how the majority thinks of her as far as what the media will feed them more of.

Paris received a harsh sentence. I knew it instantly based on what I knew & gut instinct. Tim Rutten investigated and reported in the LA Times one week after the verdict that indeed she had received a harsh sentence. But the mainstream media ignored the facts & pressed on with the hate-on because the public wanted the witch burned.

Now 2 & 1/2 months after the verdict, I see regularly reported in synopses of the whole “Paris prison” affair, that it is accepted fact that Paris did indeed receive serve a sentence much longer than most. Because the verdict itself is old news & Paris is out of jail now so the media seems willing to allow at times some truth to slip past the haters.

Because now everyone is focusing on whether Paris is still partying, & has she started her charity business yet.

To me if charity is in the news, part of what it is is business: Promotion. If people don’t think Live Earth, like all charity concerts, are not a big promo for the artists they are kidding themselves.

Paris supposedly read the Bible in jail, & Jesus said you should give charity in secret, don’t make a loud noise about it. Otherwise your intentions are suspect.

I would like some kind of halfway house built for ex-cons released from jail because that was something Paris specifically talked about as something she cared about, something that is needed. That project could be even being looked into now, & underway — it takes a lot of planning to get that off the ground. I have no problem not knowing about whether it is already begun or not. When it is done I would prefer it not to be named after her. I think that is especially cheeky when buildings are paid for by charity & then named after the largest benefactor, when that person is still alive. Dead, fine.

I don’t need to know what Paris is doing at all. I have read in more than one blog that she could cure cancer, and they would want to know, well, what about AIDS? They will never respect her.

Whatever she wants to do or tell us about is fine with me. Of course I am excited if she plans to release more music, to see what it will be. I am a music fan & music is meant to be heard. I don’t need to hear her crow about her charity or sobriety. In fact, I want her to celebrate her freedom. In the clubs, & in her music in the clubs.

Will it live up to the standard of her previous art? Everyone thinks PARIS stinks, but I think there is virtually no way her sophomore effort can be as hot as PARIS. The second album in general is almost always lackluster in comparison to the debut. The first album is the culmination of a lifetime.

And she was a female gangsta celebrity back then. Now everyone wants her to tone her lifestyle down. That kind of stifling cannot help the creative process.

The people who loved her through the last few months, believed in her for her art & for who she is. She doesn’t need to straighten her act out for me. She was punished unfairly. She committed no crime to my mind. She can now go even wilder in my mind. Just try not to violate her probation.

A tour and a new album would be a welcome bonus. I just want her to be happy. She owes me zip.

From: thewaymouth
Time: July 22, 2007, 3:37 pm

PS Check this out:

Hilton Moves to Hollywood Hills
Posted Jul 22nd 2007 11:54AM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Paris Hilton

Movin’ on up…to the Hollywood Hills!

Paris’ lil’ sis Nicky Hilton — that other party-hopping heiress — just dropped a load on a new home. The non-con Hilton ponied up a cool $3 million for her new pad. The new abode–which measures up at around 4,000 square feet–isn’t considered excessively large compared to some of her compatriots quarters, has an office-gym and 4-1/2 baths. The house features just three bedrooms, just enough for when sis Paris needs a place to crash after a long night out around town.

The designing Hilton — who runs her own clothing line, Chick, for chic chicks — kept in the family, and had her uncle Mauricio Umansky help her with the sale, reports the LA Times.


Please note: “The non-con Hilton.”
Paris is a con?
One, she is actually an ex-con, as in no longer a con.
Two, con as in, Paris is a “liar?”
Three, TMZ as in the same media outlet that Paris made a love letter/picture to when in prison?

From: admin
Time: July 22, 2007, 4:00 pm

Thanks thewaymouth! Your post is interesting as usual.

Yeah, TMZ is not always friendly with her, but I suspect this is because the majority of their visitors are haters, so they have to entertain them. However, I remember that TMZ used to be a lot harsher on her, but there are very few real haters among them.

I would never call Paris an ex-con, because I personally believe that she didn’t deserve jail as you know.

To me, her time in jail was more for her to reflect on herself, and time for her to think about what are the most important things in her life.

Not for the “crime.”