Little Elysium

By Django

Little goddess, Little Elysium,
Standing proud, triumphant, iconic
And unique among all others, still
Beaming brightly in victory over
Tempests of detractors and those
Who speak with forked envy.

So how else can I but answer
To the query 'who is your favourite
Celebrity?', Who else would even
Begin to suffice in your stead?

Always you were there, Little Elysium,
From the first episode I saw of The
Simple Life, you amused, charmed
And addicted me, bringing simple joy that
I would know not where else to look for,
That joy stays through multiple viewings,
Through hospitals, through clouds of
Depression and the banks of the river Banality.

So here's to you, Little Elysium,
Excitement, presence, glamour,
Elegance - surely they were invented for you
Alone? Minx of the Airwaves, Ray of Sunshine,
Heed not your detractors, critics or jealous polls,
Just live your life, continue to be a voice in the
Wilderness, an icon of confidence and that
Pursuit of Happiness which can haunt or drive
Us all! Long ago, I stopped believing in false hope,
Miracles, imaginary deities and merely wishing
That something was or wasn't so. But never have I stopped
Believing in you or your gift. Radiate for ever more,
Little Elysium.