More Than 21 000 People Signed Paris Hilton’s Petition

The Arnold petition, if you prefer it, has hit with more than 21 000 signatures, even though Paris Hilton has dropped her support for the petition.

Paris is no longer interested in a pardon. She wants to face the consequences, but already, we’ve heard that her jail time will be greatly trimmed, not because the tyrant changed his mind, but because the prison is almost full. She deserves this, but no one has addressed the harsh punishement so far. The appeal is still pending. If anything, the appeal will only try to trim it more. It’s unlikely she’ll serve exactly 45 days.

Although the “Free Paris” petition (aka Arnold) is about giving her a pardon, most fans now understand with her that she has indeed committed a crime and must face the consequences in a fair way.

Signing the petition equally means a protested against the jail sentence. Since her fans are so disorganized and vulnerable to media attacks who continue to stereotype all of her fans, we have to think of it this way. Not every fan has a good reason to keep her away from jail, but that’s OK.

I think you can expect a brief break in a couple of days. I’ve learned that Paris might head off to England soon. And she’s also expected to come to Montreal for this weekend. So there should be a small break for now.

Posted: May 10th, 2007
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From: Mat
Time: May 11, 2007, 8:32 am

I signed in, but I don’t think she should be pardoned, but just fairly sencenced. I still think 45 days doesn’t fit the “crime”.