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January 13th, 2004 - paris hilton a clothing calamity
January 22nd, 2004 - mock street sign honors paris hilton and nicole richie
January 24th, 2004 - paris hilton stars at rio fashion show

February 4th, 2004 - paris hilton may host miss usa pageant
February 9th, 2004 - hilton richie take show on the road
February 9th, 2004 - paris and nicole hit the road
February 11th, 2004 - paris hilton loves simple life

March 13th, 2004 - paris hilton primps for start of cross country trip
March 20th, 2004 - paris hilton thrown from horse injured in taping simple life 2

April 10th, 2004 - paris hiltons video co star drops suit

June 10th, 2004 - hilton richie back for more simple life
June 11th, 2004 - paris hilton to appear on letterman

July 23rd, 2004 - paris hilton and nick carter break up
July 28th, 2004 - paris hilton nicole richie to preside over choice hissy fit award
July 31st, 2004 - nick carter doesnt regret paris tattoo

August 7th, 2004 - hollywood hills home of paris and nicky hilton burglarized
August 18th, 2004 - paris hiltons pampered pet dog tinkerbell has been found
August 27th, 2004 - paris hilton writes a book

September 1st, 2004 - paris hiltons latest venture jewellery line
September 23rd, 2004 - paris looks dont matter

October 25th, 2004 - paris hilton to open club paris in vegas
October 27th, 2004 - philippoussis linked to paris hilton

December 7th, 2004 - walters paris hilton is fascinating
December 31st, 2004 - putting the fashionably in late paris hilton arrives at grand opening of her orlando club six hours later