Nicky Hilton Speaks The Truth: “The Sentence Doesn’t Match The Crime”

After getting slapped with a 45-day sentence, Paris Hilton’s taking as many opportunities to spend time with her family while she still can – and if they happen to be going shopping, so much the better! We caught up with Paris and Nicky at the Grove on Saturday night as the sisters were escorted from shop to shop by a security guard. The embattled heiresses put on a brave front and tried to go about their business as usual, but it was clear what was at the forefront of their minds – when we asked about Paris’ sentencing, even the usually stoic Nicky couldn’t help but comment that “the sentence doesn’t match the crime“!

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Right on, Nicky! This is something that 95% of the population won’t talk about; that includes the media.

This the reason why we must fight for justice.

Posted: May 7th, 2007
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