Not clear if Cy Wait was fired from his position

It was recently reported by E! Online that Cy Wait, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, was fired as owner of Wynn and Encore’s nightclubs. It is said that Steve Wynn, owner of Wynn, Encore and numerous other Vegas hotels fired him. Apparently, an insider said: “Wynn has a zero-tolerance policy with their club execs when it comes to brushes with the law.”

However, acccording to Las Vegas Sun, this may not be true. The news site reports that the Wynn Las Vegas spokeswoman Jennifer Dunne said that “the company was not prepared to comment on Waits' position with the company.” But when the time comes, they will issue a statement.

E! also reported that Rick and Kathy Hilton are “flipping out” with Cy Wait.

In the meantime, Paris is upset and continues to deny that the harmful substance belongs to her, says her longtime friend Michael Boychuck.

It’s kind of late, but in these turbulent times, I have to wish everyone a happy Paris Hilton Day. August 29th is the day.

Posted: August 29th, 2010
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From: Jen
Time: August 31, 2010, 7:22 pm

I don’t see how he could be fired if he is a partner. He could possibly be dismissed as an acting partner but would retain his stock.

Also, it seems that this would be jumping the gun.

If it’s his first offense it would involve probation.And he hasn’t even been convicted yet of anything.

From: thewaymouth
Time: September 3, 2010, 12:13 pm

Belated Happy Paris Hilton Day!

Will there ever be a new one?