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Subject: Big Site !!!

Original Poster: Andrei
Posted on 2-4-2008 at 10:42 AM

Peace to all good people...
I saw many sites in the internet like , , , and many others... I think all wanna have own ... But this is stupid to have site where only 4 - 10 users... I think that this site must be general - !!! Good design and all ok ... I think you must speak with them all ... and make one big site,where all fans from the world... from Russia, Europe, US - All wolrd... :P....With News , pictures,videos and other stuf about Parishka... :) You can promote it at sites like is many fans also...

Reply: Enkil
Posted on 4-4-2008 at 05:14 AM

Hey Andrei,

Thanks for your comments!

Actually, half of's visitors come outside of the US. That's a lot.

But among all of visitors, very few participate here and on the blog.

The design on this site is really not that great compared to other fansites lol, because it's not done by a professional artist. :)

Also, many of the fan sites are mostly dedicated to provide the latest pictures of Paris, but this is not the case with PHS. I don't think there will be a merger between all of us anytime soon, hehe.

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 16-4-2008 at 03:46 PM

...I like that.

Yes, Paris should start her own official fan club.
Go Team Paris!

But I do like the design of PHS. It's clean & classy.

Reply: terrellezell
Posted on 19-4-2008 at 04:55 AM

How about Paris get her official site off the ground before a fan club? lol.

Yea this site is great! :D