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Subject: My Open Letter to my new friend Nicky Hilton about her sis Paris

Original Poster: thewaymouth
Posted on 28-11-2007 at 09:22 PM

Nicky Hilton has a new, official Myspace page, created to bring attention to her work as a fashion designer. So I added her last week. & I wrote her a message to persuade her to accept me. She only had about 1500 friends at the time. So I thought I might need to prove that my showing love was sincere. It took a little patience waiting, but after the Thanksgiving weekend, Nicky read my letter. She has not written me back. But today I found out, she accepted me as her friend.

First my letter and then my thanks to her...

Subj: Happy Thanksgiving 4 coming here to Inner-Outer Space, Miss Nicky-O Yeah! ...Your sister's my Toppermost Friend (No lie - check my pg - I'm a Hiltonhead!). If I'm added, you will be, too. The Hiltons to the Hilt!

Dear Nicky-O Yeah,

"Baby I gotta lot of love to give...
I love them Nicholai Spring 2007 Collection."
...I love the lovelight in your eyes. I love it when you throw you arms up & wave them in the air as you walk on air & off the runway at the end of the show. Your looks just cook. Your designs are gorgeous. Like you.

Like your love of your sis. I have told Paris many times (on her page & in letters to her while in she was in jail), that she should tour. It would be the most fabulously fun tour in the history of pop. & last time I told her that you should tour w/her. I haven't heard you sing, but you can dance. Hella bella yeah. That I have seen. I love when you & Paris dance together. It's a gas gas gas.

I'm so proud of how you stood by your sis through her tribulations. You are beautiful through & through. I've been a fan you & Paris for years now. As soon as I joined MySpace I befriended Paris. I searched for you but alas could not find the lovely lass.

Things really heated up a year ago in August when Paris released PARIS. I was so hot damn impressed. I wrote Rolling Stone & many newspapers -- one letter/review was published in The Boston Phoenix -- that PARIS was the album of the year (& I say it is still better than anything that's come out this year). I have listed Paris as my number one Top Friend ever since.

Then a year ago this fall, when Paris was declared "the most hated Hollywood celeb," well she just had to become my most beloved celeb. I defended her on my page, and I fought them over there, on the celeb hate sites. I have taken a ton of crap for showing my 16 tons of love to Miss Hilton. But I'm an against-the-grainer anyway, against the con of who says what you have to like & love, where you find your inspiration from. I'm a punk from way back. "It's a bitter sweet symphony, that's life." I revel in rebellion. Paris is the new black. Paris is punk.

Finally, when Paris was so unfairly sentenced, sent to jail, released, and then was torn away from your mother in court & sent back to jail again -- on June 8th, a day that will forever live in infamy -- it was all over for me. She became the dearest part of the heart of my imaginary but reel-to-real extended family.

I defended her everywhere, declaring my love on my person, car, to friends, family, strangers, in person & online. I wrote Paris 4 letters of encouragement in jail. Then thank Goddess for June 26, & her most glorious release. Thank Goddess for anyone that loves Paris. You are either with her or with her. Is there any other choice?

I'm with you. If you're still with me, thanks for reading. I look forward to all your endeavors & adventures. To being your friend. Till the Hiltons are the top of every hill.

Tons of love,
aka Mike Burns
has left the building dripping with fire 4 U...

In the interest of sharing, here are my latest greatest bling designs -- made & sent out to friends & media 3 days ago, in honor of Thanksgiving...

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Shake your little tush to this catwalk.
Here's fashion w/passion to spare to share w/ya.
Feast your eyes on this sound & vision.
Nicholai Spring 2007 Collection runway show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, 09/09/07 @ Bryant Park:
Just another free space to park your bark @ the moon.

Become Nicky's friend today.

...& mine, too.

Reply: thewaymouth
Posted on 28-11-2007 at 09:25 PM

As promised, Nico, you are now my #2 Top Friend. Right next to my #1, Paris.
BTW, I am spreading the link all over to your website/Spring collection video.
Glorious new profile icon. Here's to the living Saint Nick.
You got good taste.
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