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Subject: Joy Behar from "The View" kinda dissed Paris...

Original Poster: parishiltonfan4life
Posted on 18-3-2009 at 04:24 PM

Yesterday I was watching "The View" cause Dr. Drew was on and well I like him. Anyways during his interview at some point they brought up narcissism and that whole personality disorder, celebrities and stuff like that. Anyways she was like, "So what about Paris Hilton? Isn't she a bit narcissistic?" or something like that. I'm just going off of my memory from yesterday so this isn't word for word lol
But anywho then Dr. Drew was all, "I don't know her personally" but basically people who are outgoing (or something like that he did NOT say outgoing but I forget the word he used, it means the same thing as outgoing and like entertaining and such if I remember correctly) and stuff tend to be a bit narcissistic.
Joy Behar is always saying such negative things about Paris. I don't get it.

Reply: Enkil
Posted on 19-3-2009 at 02:31 AM

Joy Behar has always been a rude Paris Hilton hater, so I'm not surprised.

Still an ignorant hater after meeting Paris so many times and for such a long time!

Reply: Django
Posted on 19-3-2009 at 09:07 AM

Also, a lot of not very bright or knowledgeable people probably use Paris as shorthand for anything they don't like about celebrities, Hollywood or fame/wealth in general. Paris is so famous and always comes to mind easily, so it's easier than them having to wrack their poor widdle brains for someone who might actually deserve criticism or be more relevant to the comment at hand. And of course it's a well known "fact" among morons that Paris has no feelings and that no one likes her.

Seeing people always having to single Paris out or take cheap unprovoked potshots at her always annoys me too. Paris is nothing but nice to most people and doesn't have to sink to that level herself though.