Only Three Days Left Of Repo Filming

Fellow SAW and REPO fans… Be SURE to tune into SPIKE TV’S SCREAM AWARDS – airing NEXT WEEK – – check your local times and all that Jazz…

You will get a special treat – BOTH from SAW and REPO!!!!

I am so so so so excited!!!! What I am not excited about is only 3 days left of REPO filming… Oh well… I guess now I just look forward to you guys seeing it!!!!

Talk to you all soon,

Posted: October 20th, 2007
Comments: 2


From: kevin
Time: October 20, 2007, 11:55 pm

Wow, I can’t believe the movies about done filming. The time really just flew by, I really can’t wait to see it now. I hope Paris moves on to working on her album now!

From: rachel
Time: October 21, 2007, 7:57 am

The first link gives a hint what to expect on the Scream Awards on Tuesday. The second link gives you an idea of what the opera scene discussed below was like.