Paparazzi E.L. Woody: “The City Attorney is just looking for votes”

Paris Hilton Celebrates 11 Days Before She Surrenders For Unfair Jail Sentence

PARIS HILTON celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of HYDE in HOLLYWOOD, last night. She parties on, in spite of the approach of her very unfair jail sentence, set to begin on June 5th.

You may ask why I continue to say the sentence is unfair.

The sentence is unfair because the prosecutor, CITY ATTORNEY, is using PARIS, as a way to advance his political career. He is the same person who refuses to send the attack, on me, back to the District Attorney’s office for reconsideration as a felony, even though his own CITY ATTORNEY office staff member advised it.

Seems a paparazzi has no rights, and no protection under the law. Isn’t justice supposed to be blind? Shouldn’t all crimes be prosecuted appropriately to the offense, and not based upon who the person is, or how many votes persecuting that person will garner. Prosecuting people because they are who they are, is not justice, it is politicing. Seems to me that THE CITY ATTORNEY is just looking for votes, or maybe campaign contributions, by persecuting PARIS, and, by by not protecting my rights or safety? Does he think, PARIS is bad and so are the paparazzi, so punish Paris, and don’t protect the paparazzi? That will please the voters?

This seems to be justice by public opinion, instead of justice by the law. Doesn’t seem fair to me.

JUNE 5th is set by the judge as the day PARIS must check into jail. Just 11 days to go. Maybe justice will prevail before then, but, I doubt it. We are pulling for you PARIS!

Posted: May 25th, 2007
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