Paparazzi Go Wild Over Paris Hilton

Today was a big Paris Hilton day! I have many great things to show and report! Stay tuned!

Let’s first start off with the less important news. Paris Hilton traveled from Germany to Turkey. I’m not sure if she’s in Ankara or in Istanbul.

When I came back from school today, I was very happy to see Paris Hilton’s name again in the top headlines of I thought it was going to be linked to some hateful article or clip, but instead, it was linked to some lame video clip.

The clip showed a bunch of Turkish paparazzi behaving in an uncivilized manner as they were to take pictures of Paris. Some paparazzi with each other with a camera, etc.

You can view it here. However, what’s important here is that Paris Hilton name was found in the top headlines of Traditionally I always report this when I see her name on that website.

Posted: March 27th, 2008
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