Paris Hilton And Britney Spears Are Too Popular

The Internet search engine Yahoo says adults in Canada are just as interested as the younger generation in the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.
The Yahoo! Canada Search Buzz Index shows searches about Britney and Paris are, predictably, in the top ten for those under 25-years-of-age.

But gossip mongers in all age groups from under 25 to over 45 also have those searches on their top-ten lists.

Another popular search for those under 25 centered on the super-hot toy Webkinz, but that same search topped the chart for those aged 35 to 44, perhaps because they are the parents shelling out the cash for the popular web-based stuffed toy.

Yahoo! says a new tool on its Buzz Index allows it to accurately define searches by several categories, including age group.

Search engine Google has a similar function in early development called Google Trends.

Posted: June 20th, 2007
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