Paris Hilton and her bad luck with cell phones

Welcoming back the PHS news updates with a funny post.

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About a week ago, I noticed something very funny about Paris Hilton. I realized that she often posts about her phone getting lost or being broken. So I decided to gather all the tweets she made about her phone, and look what I found:

December 5th, 2009
I was at dinner last night and someone spilled their drink on my blackberry and now it’s broken. Any suggestions on how to fix it please?

February 12th, 2010
Lost my blackberry last night while packing for Brazil. It’s somewhere under all the piles of clothes in my room. Just got a new one.

February 12th, 2010
So if you texted me last night and I didn’t answer, it’s because I lost that phone. Resend your texts or emails now. xoxo Paris

March 4th, 2010
I was in such a rush out the door that I forgot my blackberry. So I’m going to have it fedexed. Taking off on our vacation! yay!

April 9th , 2010
Hey @NickyHilton – my blackberry got water in it and isn’t working. So if you need to reach me, call my house line. I’m going to bed early.

April 10th, 2010
Tried drying my blackberry with my blow dryer. Phone is still dead, brutal. I give up, hopefully it will dry out on it’s own overnight.

April 15, 2010
I have the worst luck with phones. Just dropped my blackberry and the screen cracked. Now I can’t see or read anything. Brutal.


Posted: April 25th, 2010
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