Paris Hilton And Josh Henderson At Complex Magazine

The happy couple rolled up in Josh’s SUV. Paris wore a cute hat and a sweet Summery outfit that fitted her to a T! She signed autographs for her fans and made their night fantastic! After a bit she asked which way they should go. I told her they could go any way she wished! Josh is a fine boyfriend and brings his lovely lady plenty of happiness…which she really deserves!

Beautiful Paris walked hand-in-hand with her “Desperate Housewives” beau. Josh is definately not desperate, with Paris at his side. He is one lucky fellow! Once again, he escorted her to his Range Rover and politely shut her door. The flashes lit up this exciting and fun couple and Paris did cute little poses. I was only too pleased to end my night with Paris and Josh.

Posted: April 12th, 2007
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