Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie Continue To Film Simple Life 5

Paris and Nicole were probably working on the Simple Life all weekend. Here’s a report from with a new video.

“The Simple Life” just got a little less “real.”

(We already know the Simple Life is fake; at least I hope you did.)

TMZ spotted Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie shooting a scene for the upcoming season of their “reality” show, a scene that took careful planning and multiple takes?! Michael Richards would love that kind of reality!

Moments before the scene, the “Simple Life” crew briefed the band of photogs waiting outside Hilton’s home, telling them exactly what the two starlets would be doing in the next take.

When Hilton and Richie emerged from Paris’ pad, the smiling BFFs staged an “impromptu” photoshoot for cameras, before jumping into a waiting SUV which whisked the pair away. Minutes later, it brought them back.

The girls then re-shot the exact same scene, to perfection if we might add, before retreating into Paris’ place — apparently do-overs are allowed in reality TV!

Posted: March 19th, 2007
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