Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Talk About “Simple Life 6”

Paris Hilton wouldn’t mind filming another season.

Nicole Richie doesn’t want to think about it right now.

Bellow, I posted an interview that Paris and Nicole did with TV Guide. If you look at the last question, it’s about “Simple Life 6.”

TV Guide: What scenario would you like to put yourselves in next season?

Paris: I’d like to go skydiving.

In other words, she means that she wouldn’t mind doing yet another season of the Simple Life, but I don’t know how serious she is. However, I’m sure Paris doesn’t really mind doing another one; she seems to enjoy this. Then again, I think it’s time for her to move on…. Or maybe not.

Nicole: We literally just wrapped [filming] two days ago. We’re so, like, “Uh!” from this season right now that we really need to, like, take a minute to see.

In other words, she doesn’t want to think about filming “Simple Life 6.” She wants to take a break and see what else they could do. But I don’t really think Nicole would want to do another season, especially after reading the article about her on Harper magazine.

Really, is there going to be a “Simple Life 6” if this show still remains popular with good ratings? I think it’s a very interesting question to ask. I’m also very excited about the ratings. Will they benefit from all the publicity about Paris Hilton’s jail time? Or will they need Paris to promote the show?

I personally predict that they won’t benefit from it, simply because not many people know about it at the moment. We’ll see!

Posted: May 27th, 2007
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