Paris Hilton and Stavros Break Up!

It looks like it’s finally over between Paris and Stavros.

I personally prefer to see Paris single because when she’s alone, she tends to work harder on her projects, and… quite franky, unlike the media, I really don’t think it’s important to know how’s Paris’ boyfriend at the moment. They always ask her the most unimportant questions!

But unfortunately, just as she dumped her boyfriend, she found another one, Ashlee Simpson’s ex-boyfriend, actor Josh Henderson. Another one to pull back Paris from the scene.

Well, the good news (at least for me) is that it’s not confirmed they are officially going out together, but we’ll likely know that later.

On the other hand, the media is finally focusing on the filming of Simple Life 5, so we’ll probably see more information about that in the coming days.

Here’s a report about Paris’ boyfriend from the very trustworthy
Have Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos split up again?

Sounds like it.

A close pal of the hotel heiress tells me they have called it quits. Hilton is said to be the one who ended things because Niarchos has never been too pleased with all the attention Hilton gets from her male admirers, the pal reports.

“He gets jealous, so they argue,” the pal says. “Not sure if it is permanent, but they have not been seeing each other for the past couple of weeks.”

Another pal tells me Hilton may have already moved on to Josh Henderson, a musican and actor who used to date Ashlee Simpson. You may also know him from Desperate Housewives, on which he played womanizing troublemaker Austin McCann.

The pal reports that Henderson and Hilton were spotted together at Area nightclub last Thursday and at one of Hilton’s own house parties this weekend.

However, another friend says there’s nothing brewing between Hilton and Henderson. “She’s been over Stavros for a while,” the friend says. “Now she’s into just hanging out with her girlfriends.”

Of course, don’t be surprised if Hilton and Niarchos are back together by the time you finish reading this item.

Posted: March 19th, 2007
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