Paris Hilton at Comic Con‏ for Repo!

Paris Hilton

We may not have clips of the “Comic Con‏” event, but the webmaster of fan site The Hilton Files attended the event and was kind enough to write a post about the event in details and share it with us.

Here’s what Paris said: “I had an amazing time doing this movie. The music was completely different than my album. Very hard core rock. Right now I’m doing another album. I love musical theater now, because of Darren.”

According to The Hilton Files, they may release a second soundtrack because the first soundtrack doesn’t cover all the songs. So this probably means if the first CD does well, they will release the second one. The first one better include “Come Up and Try My New Parts”! 🙁

The Repo! team is planning to release a few clips of the making of Repo! every week.

Read the full report.

Thanks to Nikki. / Juicy UK – pic

Posted: July 25th, 2008
Comments: 2


From: josh
Time: July 25, 2008, 3:31 pm

now we have video of the clips!

From: scot
Time: July 25, 2008, 8:17 pm

I think the word of Repo! is about to explode.
The video of Zydrate Anatomy is just.. hm. It is by far my favourite song at the moment.
Paris, her vocals in this are so good, theyre so grungy and dark.
My bestfriend who absolutly hates Paris is even impressed. I play Zydrate ANatomy for her and she was stunned, her words were “If she had sung like this on her album I wouldve have brought it”
I think with all this positive feed back about her vocals.. they wont be soo… ‘well done’ if you get what I mean ahah.

So much is on her second album, Im expecting so much.. Im scared Im expecting too much though. Her first album I could just have on constant repeat and not get sick of it so its going to be a challenge.. I just hope she pulls it off.. I mean, Benji will either make it better or worse. And I hate to say it but if he helps with more then one or two songs.. it might damage the final result…
hm, is it still true that SLASH! or whatever their name is are still producing her first single?