Paris Hilton At Franklin Mills In Philadelphia

A few semi-hateful journalists published articles about Paris Hilton’s visit to Franklin Mills, where she promoted her “Hottie” movie and met fans.

At the mall, Paris said, the usual, “I love Philadelphia” and then, “You’re all hotties (pause) so (pause) it’s hot.” Brian Dowers of Philadelphia’s Mayfair section, said: “I wanted to meet Paris because she’s a big figure in today’s society.” He thinks Paris has influenced a lot “fashion and nightlife.”

After getting an autograph from Paris, Lauren Greco of Richboro and Taylor Quirk of Huntington Valley said: “It kinda proves that the media skews who somebody is. They make her out to be bad, but I don’t think she’s bad. Good things happen to good people.”

Many fans were very happy to see Paris Hilton. Last time, she went to Philadelphia to promote Can Can.

Two Paris fans, Brittany and Kelly Lowry of Quakertown, had this to say to reporters: “We love her. She’s our idol because she’s rich, she’s hot, she’s famous and she gets what she wants.”

I’m not a big fan of that particular quote, but I think most fans like her for those reasons. I mean let’s be honest, more fans (teenagers) are fascinated by her beauty, fame and money rather than her music and movies. In the same way, the haters obviously hate her mostly for the same reasons.

My ridiculed, unfashionable and bizarre answer to such a question (“why you like Paris?”) would’ve been: “I love her art and music. She’s now taking her movies more seriously, and Repo! is going to be an awesome film, because she sings and acts in it. I’m also inspired and fascinated by her brand and business ventures. I think the empire she’s building is a very inspiring for everyone.” But probably, most teenagers don’t think this way.

It’ll be interesting to see (after “Hottie” and Repo!”) if Paris will be able to make fans and others see the other side of her! When a journalist asked her to explain her appeal, here’s what she said: “I think maybe it’s because I’m real. People can relate to me. They see things that have happened in my life. And that I’m sweet. I feel that when you truly are a good person, it will shine through in your eyes – shine through from your heart to your eyes – and people will see that. Princess Diana, who I love, she had that.”

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Posted: January 25th, 2008
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From: terrellezell
Time: January 25, 2008, 12:33 pm

what a stupid thing for those girls to say. They dont like Paris, they like her money and her lifestyle.

From: Paris89Hilton
Time: January 25, 2008, 12:58 pm

i knew who Paris Hilton is only in 2006 (in Italy there are less news about her) and i’m truly sorry about that, i’d prefer to know her before…i knew her with her song “stars are blind” and i love this song immediatly, but the singer seems very nice and i decided to search news about that to knowing who she is…i found so many news, bad and good, but when i saw her interviews or her everyday videos and pictures i looked in her eyes and i understood that she’s a great person…pepole and media judge her for her partying behaviour, for her way of life, her richness, but i didn”t see with my eyes, but with my heart and i said to myself that she’s the best friend whom i’d like to have, because she is so sweet, nice and she has a fantastic nature…maybe nobody could believe in my words, but what important for me is to believe in this and in her person so much to spending my life for her, to interesting in her everyday…even though i knew Paris as a singer, then as actress and business woman (i love everything she does, because she does that very well) i appreciate and love her as an artist, but firstly as person
I wish the best for you, because you truly deserve that

PS:i’m sorry for my mistakes but i’m italian and i haven’t a perfect English yet…besides,this site is my favourite.LOVESIT!

From: Paris89Hilton
Time: January 25, 2008, 1:10 pm

in addiction, i hate people who say to love Paris just because she’s rich and famous…

From: Dawn
Time: January 26, 2008, 9:46 am

I don’t see why Paris should have to apologize for being born into a wealthy family.
Paris has matured and it seems she works very hard in her career and businesses.
She is also entitled to have some fun when not working.
Overall, it looks like Paris is striving to have a balanced life and that’s always a worthy goal.