Paris Hilton At Macy’s At South County Center

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Yesterday (Saturday), Paris Hilton was at Macy’s, at South County Center, in St-Louis.

Apparently, she was there to promote her newest fragrance, Can Can. Hrm, why is she still promoting Can Can? Reporters asked her the same old basic questions, which aren’t worth posting here.

But most of the fans who went to see her were mild fans. A lady who was shopping there said to reporters: “I think I’ll be a lady and not say what I really think of her. She’s a very pretty girl with the world at her feet, but I don’t think she’s a very good role model.”

One fan who met Paris said that he found her very kewl, but that some of his friends don’t like her. Uh, I wonder why? Another mild fan said he was a fan of House of Wax, but other than that, he didn’t know much about Paris, except that she’s famous.

As usual, Paris said to reporters, that people don’t really know the real Paris Hilton.

Finally, Paris also said that a new reality television series will be announced Monday on MTV.


Posted: February 24th, 2008
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From: Django
Time: February 25, 2008, 2:59 am

Kudos to the fan who didn’t let his friends sway his opinions. So many people do seem to just follow what their friends or peer group thinks and toe the party line in that way (even some of the people who think they’re being “individual”, “alternative” and “non conformist” like to be surrounded by clones of their selves in appearance, taste and opinion).

Love the fact that someone likes her specifically for House Of Wax. I found it a very enjoyable modern horror and quite the rollercoaster ride and surprising in places. It’s good to see that someone unbiased enjoyed Paris’s contribution to the movie, didn’t have any preconceptions and liked her enough for that to go to the event.

It doesn’t really need saying I hope, that I’m curious and excited about the new reality show news (and any other project news – music and movies).