Paris Hilton boosts up’s sales

Posted on / Edited by PHS announced today their second quarter’s pearls sales have doubled, especially for the black pearl necklace. The reason? Thanks to Paris Hilton!

Paris Hilton recently went on a pearl shopping spree, dropping $130,000 on a strand of gorgeous black Tahitian pearls. Celebrities and pearls are a common pairing, as many of the Hollywood elite favor pearls even over diamonds for an ultra feminine look.

Paris’ love for pearls is well known – her on again, off again flame Doug Reinhardt gave her a pearl necklace and a five star Fiji holiday recently – but these Tahitian beauties kick it up a notch even for the queen of starlets.

There’s no denying that black pearls add a layer of sensuous mystery to any celebrity’s look. Celebrities from every film genre strut in pearls n the red carpet – Demi, Angelina, Katherine Heigl and Drew Barrymore are just a few of the big name actresses who wear pearls to nearly every event.

“Pearls are the ultimate in female beauty and power,” says Lan Toma, spokesperson for CathayGems, a wholesaler for cultured pearls and pearl jewelry. “We have got quite a few customers calling in and inquiring to have a black pearl necklace custom made that looks just like Paris Hilton’s, some asked for Tahitian pearls, others asked for cultured freshwater pearls, and also people were asking for large south sea shell pearls for less than $50, with the same stunning look.”

Posted: October 6th, 2009
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