Paris Hilton comments about Amber Sweet and Repo!

“Amber Sweet I think is a very tortured girl. I think the main thing is she wants attention from her father who runs GeneCo, which is this huge corporation. They’re very wealthy but you can have all the money in the world but you can still be unhappy so she gets addicted to Zydrate, this futuristic drug and as well as plastic surgery because she keeps on wanting to change her appearance to get the attention from her father because the father is more paying attention to Blind Mag and to his business. So all of his children I think are just wanting his love and they’re trying to get it in the wrong ways.”

“It was such an honor to be offered a role like this because I usually get cast as the blonde airhead/blonde bombshell and I think this time I was cast as something completely different than I ever would have thought. It was a lot of fun playing someone who looks nothing like me and playing someone who’s so crazy and the music is fantastic. It was such a fun film to do and we all became so close in our Repo family.”

“Well, sometimes when we were working very late I’d sometimes go back to my hotel in my Amber Sweet getup and it was quite surprising to people and probably before the movie comes out you’ll be seeing Amber Sweet walk the streets. I love being a blonde, it’s fun but brunette’s have fun too. With Amber, she got to have red hair, black hair, blue hair. I was never a blonde, I never looked like myself. It was a lot of fun just to have a very different appearance.”

“There are so many movies out right now which are the same thing. You know what’s going to happen in the end, all the same storylines with different actors and this movie is so unique and so different. We’re already having screenings where people are coming dressed as the characters. They know all the words to the songs. It’s already having a cult following already and it’s not even in theatres yet. It’s an experience. It’s something you have to see on the big screen. It’s an event.”


Posted: November 6th, 2008
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