Paris Hilton comments on US presidential candidate Donald Trump

Reported by Entertainment Weekly

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During an interview with Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Wednesday, Paris Hilton was asked about the controversial businessman-turned-politician as well as his elder daughter, Ivanka Trump, both of whom are longtime friends of the Hilton family.

Regarding Mr. Trump, Hilton said, “I’ve known him since I’m a little girl. He’s a very nice man. You know, I think on TV people like to say things about certain people, but he’s actually a very sweet person. I like him a lot.”

She stopped short of formally endorsing Trump, however. Asked if she would vote for him, Hilton said, “My mom always told me not to talk about money or politics.”

Hilton also expressed respect for Ivanka Trump and called her “a brilliant businesswoman.”

Posted: September 16th, 2016
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