Paris Hilton Continues To Rule The Earth

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Despite all the negative articles you’ve read so far, the fame of Paris Hilton is burning even stronger now.

There’s a strong demand from the public to see more of Paris Hilton and to start listening to what she has to say. For more than a week now, the name “Hilton” has appeared several times on the frontpage of Lycos Top 50 is reporting that “Paris Hilton” is the #1 most searched keyword on their popular search engine.

Remember the days of her debut album and all the craziness we faced back then? Then, the interest in Paris kind of slowed down, but it was always there, waiting to explode. What we’re living now the same craziness we saw during the release of “Stars Are Blind” and “Paris” last year.

This jail news is even more popular than the ParisExposed insanity we faced in February 2007. So what does this mean?

I predict that the ratings of Simple Life 5 will skyrock since it is about to debut in two weeks. To keep this interest on, Paris should at least make one appearance on TV before May 28.

June 5 will be the biggest Paris Hilton day in 2007 if she actually turns herself in on that day. The media will make a riot out of it. This will equally mean more viewers for Simple Life 5.

What needs to happen is a conversion of the craziness into fans, and for Paris, to use it and to show everyone that she can be a better person. I don’t know what exactly will happen, but we’re definitely living in interesting times.

However, one problem has arised over the past week. There are too many false news spreaded about Paris and her jail sentence. The media is reporting that Paris feels depressed, but the images don’t show anything depressing. As far as I can see, she just seems OK. We haven’t really seen her partying since the day she was sentenced to jail, and I don’t think she’s in the mood. But can we really say she seriously feels bad?

The only good thing about it is that it will prevent fame-hungry Zeta Graff from milking more fame from Paris Hilton. God, I can’t believe we’re still talking about that woman and her $10 million dollar demand. Do you have any idea how old this lawsuit is? This is hilarious.

Well anyway, I also want to remind you about “Extra Paris“, and how excited I am about this. It’s really amazing to see that all of this (Simple Life 5, Jail time, Extra Paris) will start unraveling in two weeks. If only Paris could reduce her jail time, I can garantuee that with the Simple Life 5, this will be another crazy Paris Hilton summer. She should seriously consider doing a couple of TV appearences even while she’s serving jail time. Stupid judge won’t even allow her to go out of jail for work purposes!

Are You A Huge Fan Of Paris Hilton?!

For the first week of “Extra Paris“, these are the files that will available for download:

Extra Paris May.25.2007

– Paris and Nicole Blond Farewell XviD.avi (98.1 MB)
– Simple Life 2 The Stuff We Werent Allowed To Show You XviD.avi (205 MB)

Extra Paris May.25.2007

– Late Show With David Letterman 12 06 2006 Paris Hilton XviD.avi (61.3 MB)
– Simple Life 3 Bonus [1-16] XviD.avi (58.8 MB)
– Simple Life 3 Unofficial XviD.avi (371 KB)
– Simple Life 5 Coverage [1-2] XviD.avi (34.5 MB)
– Simple Life 5 Filming [1-2] March 16, 2007 XviD.avi (23.5 MB)
– Simple Life 5 Interview With AP XviD.avi (7.38 MB)
– Simple Life 5 Interview With ExtraTV XviD.avi (6.93 MB)
– Simple Life 5 Interview With Kristin XviD.avi (8.13 MB)
– Simple Life 5 Interview With The Insider XviD.avi (6.46 MB)

And more to be added soon…

I also want to remind you that “Extra Paris” will run from May 25 to July 6, 2007. There are many interesting documentaries to download and watch and an exclusive 45 minutes Hilton family documentary which will be available for those who subscribe to the Newsletter. The purpose of “Extra Paris” is to download and watch and listen to Paris Hilton videos and songs that can’t be found in stores. It is also a souvenir for hardcore fans. You should consider burning some of the files and keep them as a souvenir.

Posted: May 15th, 2007
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