Paris Hilton Covers Herself

The jailbound socialite haunted her own neighborhood yesterday, running down the street with a blanket over her head. Some may prefer her this way.

The usually un-camera-shy Miss Hilton apparently didn’t want to be photographed — and booked it from her car to her home, looking like a ghost on the run from Dr. Peter Venkman. She’ll be booked June 5 at Century Regional Detention Facility — the CRDF, in glamorous Lynwood, Calif.


After her relatively cheerful Tuesday afternoon, we were saddened to see Paris Hilton’s demeanor returning to normal yesterday – though our sadness didn’t look to be in the same galaxy as Paris’! The Hilton heiress hung her head as she visited the Sunset Medical Tower (where our photographer reported that she visited with her psychiatrist). and looked even lower on her way back to her car. Heck, Paris was feeling the strain so acutely that she even threw a blanket over herself as she returned home – although it wouldn’t be the first time she’s borrowed a page from Lindsay’s playbook!

Hopefully her lawyer (who we caught walking up to Paris’ house) and her sister Nicky brought her some good news – Paris could seriously use some right now!


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Posted: May 17th, 2007
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