Paris Hilton DID NOT Go To A Recording Studio

There you have it, Paris didn’t go to a recording studio yesturday.

It looks like the paparazzi got mixed up because the place where she went is called Siren Studios, and it is not a recording studio, unfortunately.

Most of the websites who reported that Paris went to record an album will probably not update and correct this misunderstanding.

When a paparazzi asked Paris how the photoshoot went, she said it was “fun.”

You can see the video bellow.

So… since September 2006, we still haven’t heard a single official peep about Paris Hilton’s music. And not a single paparazzi, interviewer or even a fan who met her bothered to ask her a 10 seconds question (not even) about her music during all this time. Amazing, isn’t it?

Siren Studios

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Posted: May 31st, 2007
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