Paris Hilton Frenzy At Kitson

The Heiress, Author, Singer, Perfume designer and Reality-TV star unveiled her namesake clothing line Thursday at Kitson, a trendy boutique known for its celebrity clientele.

Clad in a gold sequin mini-dress, Hilton, 26, emerged from a black SUV to a throng of fans who spilled into the street. Police and city workers were called in to handle the crowd and a lane of traffic was closed for pedestrians’ safety, said Bruce Gillman, spokesman for the city Department of Transportation.

Inside the store, Hilton was all smiles.

“It’s a dream come true to have my own clothing line,” she said. “It’s just Paris style: fun, bright and flashy.”

The collection, which Hilton described as “really comfortable” and “really affordable,” includes shoes, T-shirts and jeans. Hilton said she spent a year submitting and approving designs.

“It’s just from my closet to their closets,” she said. “I’m just excited about it and everyone really loves it.”

Additional pieces will be released next month, she said.

The heiress also discussed other newsy matters in her life: her pregnant pal, Nicole Richie (“She’s going to be a great mom,” Hilton said), and the pending sale of her Hollywood Hills home.

“I’m going to miss my house because I love it. I really designed it to be my perfect taste,” she said. “But too many people know where I live and I’d rather be in a gated community.”

She also helped style fans during her appearance.

The crowd got so big, police had to shut down traffic on Robertson Boulevard between Beverly and 3rd for a time.


Posted: August 16th, 2007
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