Paris Hilton Goes To Sunset Strip

The parade of Paris continues: Straight from Robert Shapiro’s Sober USA party, Paris jetted down the Sunset Strip and over to what might be the least sober place in LA: The Rainbow (affecionately referred to as The ‘Bow by the numerous Musicians Institute students who frequent the place immortalized by G n’ R). From The Rainbow, Paris, Nicky and Elliot Mintz crossed the parking lot to go to the Roxy, where Andy Dick was reportedly hosting a night of live music. Seeing Paris enter the place I spent many a night in the mid-late 90s brings a few questions to mind:
1) What the hell was Paris doing at The Rainbow?
2) What about Elliot?
3) Does Joey Buttafuoco still work the door?

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Posted: May 8th, 2007
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