Paris Hilton Got A Massive Amount Of Fan Mails

Paris Hilton has no shortage of jailhouse reading material.

And, according to a Hilton source, it’s the only thing saving her from terminal boredom. “I don’t know what she’d do without all the fan letters,” the source tells of Hilton, who is expected to be released from Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood on June 25.

During an interview with Fox News Channel’s On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, Hilton’s mother, Kathy, expressed a similar sentiment. When Paris isn’t looking “at the ceiling” or staring “at the walls,” her mother told Van Susteren, “She’s reading a lot of her fan mail, and family letters and friends, and basically just reading and just sitting there thinking.”

Our Hilton source claims that the jailed heiress, who is being kept in the facility’s medical clinic, has been told by guards she has probably received more mail than any other inmate in the history of L.A. County jail system.

The insider also says that Hilton spends a lot of her time reading the letters sent to her because she finds very few of the books on the jailhouse librarian’s cart very interesting.

But when asked to confirm whether Hilton the bibliophile has set the county’s inmate mail record, jail spokesman Steve Whitmore told Us, “I don’t know.” Whitmore added, “We didn’t know how much mail [Robert] Blake was getting when he was incarcerated, or [Charles] Manson in the ’60s.”

Whitmore did confirm that jail officials open every piece of mail before delivering it to inmates, and that for Hilton it is no different. “Paris is being treated the same as every inmate, all mail is monitored,” Whitmore said.

Luckily for Hilton, although she is only allowed to see two visitors at a
time (and only on weekends), the jail doesn’t limit the amount of mail any inmate can receive. “No, there’s no limit,” Whitmore says. “But everything is monitored and managed.”

Posted: June 20th, 2007
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