Paris Hilton Has One Jealous Bitch To Worry About

Well, remember nobody Zeta Graff? I’m not going to repeat what happened between her and Paris, but I’m going to remind you that Paris has to be in court on August 22th (the first anniversary of her debut album “Paris”) because one evil hater wants to use her name to become famous.

Do you remember what happened in June 2005? When Paris and her publicist invented lies and told them to Page Six. Well, Paris denies inventing them or whatever.

Zeta is like celebrity-obsessed judge Sauer or that crooked City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo who still hasn’t been punished for what he did to L.A. citizens (neither his wife). She knows she can get away with anything because the public and the media will always back her up when it comes to a showdown with Paris. I’m not sure if the judge will, but it remains to be seen.

The really funny thing is that… and this is something that the media will never mention… is that lies are written about Paris every week, and Paris has never sued any of these writers. She can if she wanted to, but she doesn’t. She could’ve sued so many magazines and people (like that hateful musician Joshua Radin who tried to promote his album using Paris’ name by telling a lie about her), but she doesn’t waste time with that. And for another thing, it would be bad for her image if she did. But when Paris is involved in one fake article, it’s the end of the world.

Zeta, so obsessed with fame, can get away with it. The truth is that Zeta has always been mean to Paris and always jealous of her.

This crazy woman wants to sue Paris for $10 million dollars. Can you believe that? That’s almost the same amount Paris makes in one year.

And her main reason now is that the lies ruined her reputation or something like that. But you know the truth is that 90% of the public doesn’t even remember the article they read on Page Six after two years (bloggers, yes, but certainly not the general public). 95% of them doesn’t even know who Zeta Graff is and could truly careless about her.

Remember this when Zeta starts using Paris Hilton’s name to increase her fame in a week or so. And you know what? Let her sue Paris if she can. It’ll be one more positive lesson for Paris, but for $10 million dollars? Give me a break…

Posted: August 9th, 2007
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