Paris Hilton having fun in Las Vegas

Reported by the reliable Las Vegas journalist Robin Leach

Newly single Paris Hilton simply sizzled and dazzled during her 26-hour, jam-packed weekend visit at the Hard Rock Hotel. Paris put the razzmatazz into yesterday's Rehab party and added to the victory at Vanity just hours earlier.

“I love Vegas,” said Paris, who was making her second visit here in three weeks since ending her 14-month romance with Doug Reinhardt. Since then, she's been spotted with former loves Benji Madden of Good Charlotte and Jason Shaw, her ex-fiance. We posted on April 16 a full account of the breakup with Doug.

“I'm over that already. I'm better off being single for now,” Paris said. “I'm having a lot of fun being single, and I'm staying that way for quite a while. Eventually, there'll be that somebody special who loves me for who I am and not what I represent. For now, it's about my family, my work and myself. I'm just too busy for something serious again.

“For the next six to 12 months, I don't expect to get all involved again. Yes, I'll go out on dates and party, but I'm just having too much fun again. I'm past that one, deserve better and am moving on.”

In fact, everybody who met up with Paris over the weekend remarked how footloose, fancy free and happy she's suddenly become again.

“She's the happiest she's been in a very long time. She's even looking more radiant. She's laughing and smiling and enjoying life all over again. Paris is really in a good place now. She's not tied down. She's become free again and it shows,” one of her best friends told me — and Paris agreed!

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Posted: April 26th, 2010
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