Paris Hilton helps animal rescue sanctuary save pit bull-type dogs

Reported by ET Canada

Despite being denied ‘intervenor’ status in the Tilbury dog-fighting euthanasia case, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is not giving up hope.

It has enlisted the help of celebrity dog lover Paris Hilton to be a part of a global movement desperate to save the lives of 21 pit bull-type dogs seized in a 2015 Tilbury dog-fighting ring bust.

Since the dogs were seized in October 2015, the rescue has been working diligently to be granted ‘intervenor’ status for the dogs, but their fight has not been without its difficulties.

Just last December, Justice of the Peace Thomas Stinson announced the group would not be given the status ahead of the December 22 euthanasia hearing, adding that in his decision no Dogs and Liability Act cases have had intervenors, a precedent he wasn’t willing to bestow on this case.

“We felt this was the perfect opportunity to make this case the first one and set a precedent,” the organization’s media specialist Clare Forndran told reporters. “I definitely think the intervenor participation in the case would have created a more fair and well-rounded hearing.”

With the lives of the dogs still up in the air, Dog Tales is pulling out all the stops, calling on celebrity friends to help.

“The plight of these dogs has broken hearts of animal-lovers around the world,” the post reads, “including superstar Paris Hilton, who has teamed up with us to help save their lives.”

“After a year spent fighting this battle in court, we have realized that the only way to save these dogs is to show the decision-makers just how many people care,” they continue before calling upon friends, followers, and animal-lovers to share their own photos of their pets with the hashtag #SaveThe21.

And guess what? Hilton’s not the only celeb on board. Speaking with Forndran, the spokeswoman promises more star power to come in the next couple of days in an effort to “show decision-makers responsible for the lives of these dogs just how many people care about whether these dogs live o die,” Forndran tells ET Canada.

“By encouraging people to share photos of themselves and their dogs with the campaign hashtag #SaveThe21 we are putting a face to the campaign in order to make things personal.”

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Posted: January 24th, 2017
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